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Fun things to do in the library 

On Tuesday 5th December I organised a group of Year 7 students to attend Bonnyrigg Primary School to participate in a Collaborative Reading Project. The Year 7 students created and designed an Information Picture Book suitable for lower Primary students as their Library Learning Task for this year. Students needed to research a topic from an appropriate website, using website evaluation skills, visual and information literacy skills learned throughout the year. Students read their books to three Kindergarten students who evaluated the Year 7 books with a 'smiley emoji' scale. This was a valuable experience for the Kindergarten students and the Year 7 students who said they had learned a lot from the visit and would approach the task differently if they were to do it again as a result of the Kinder feedback. and I did warn them that Kinder Kids can be brutal!  

What did we read? 

I was also thrilled to read The Snail and The Whale, a picture book by Julia Donaldson, of The Gruffalo fame, to the entire group.

Such was the success of this adventure that Marianne Grasso (Bonnyrigg Primary Teacher Librarian) is eager to do more collaborative learning projects next year. Congratulations to all the Year 7s who completed the their very own published book! Please go to the Gallery for photos.

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