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Community and Family Studies

Students who are completing Community and Family Studies (CaFS) as part of their HSC have the opportunity to participate in a voluntary parenting program. While studying the Topic of 'Parenting and Caring', students learn about;

  • the different roles of parents and carers
  • how they have to prepare to become a parent or carer
  • the different ways they can provide for the needs of a child and/or dependent

Students have the option of taking home one of three babies available, each of a different nationality (Hispanic, Japanese or Caucasian). Students take the baby home overnight and must attend the baby when it starts crying, then figure out if their baby is hungry, needs a nappy change or just needs some loving attention. The babies work through sensors and students must always support their baby's neck and be aware of its temperature. At the end of the simulation, the babies connect wirelessly to a computer and give a report on how well students have looked after their baby with points taken away for missed feeds, missed nappy changes, not giving attention and not supporting the baby's neck. Students experience the difficulty of interrupted sleep, trying to figure out a baby's needs and organising their time and resources to look after the baby effectively. Most students are quite relieved to give them back and walk away with a renewed appreciation for their own parents and new parents in the community.

Students and their CAFS babies