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Subject selection

Year 8 into Year 9

Students in Year 8 have the opportunity to choose three electives. Subjects chosen as an X or Y elective run for two years, the subject chosen as a Z elective runs for one year. A new Z elective will need to be chosen at the end of Year 9 for the student to complete during Year 10.

Subject Selection for Year 8 students entering Year 9 in 2024

Year 9 into Year 10

Students in Year 9 will continue with two of the electives they chose in Year 8. They are also given the opportunity to choose one new elective (Z elective) for Year 10.

Subject Selection for Year 9 students into Year 10 2024

Year 10 into Year 11

Students in Year 10 will choose the subjects that they will study for Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12). A minimum of 12 units must be selected. English is a compulsory subject.

Subject Selection Booklet for Year 10 students entering Year 11 in 2024