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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

To provide quality teaching and learning through an inclusive and challenging curriculum, where students develop as effective and responsible global citizens who value life-long learning.

In order to achieve our vision, we are committed to creating a learning community:

• Where students want to belong

• Where parents are proud to send their children

Where staff enjoy working and learning

• By striving to promote excellence in achievement amongst our students and staff

• By providing high levels of educational outcomes and opportunities for all students

• By preparing students for future careers

• By fostering a passion for lifelong learning


Our Values

The promotion of positive community values is an important part of learning. The CHEER program was developed in 2009, to encourage and reward students modeling qualities valued by our school and the community. Students and a dedicated group of staff were chosen to form a committee, together with an external expert they decided to survey and interview parents, students, staff, and the community to establish which values were important to our school and our community. It was important to choose values that were relatable and relevant to ‘real life’ in order for them to influence behaviour and produce positive outcomes both academically and for wellbeing.

“Our CHEER values mirror important values to society. They are an extension of their (students) involvement in society” Nathan Foti HT Science.

The CHEER values are displayed throughout our school on banners and posters, and the logo is featured on all school paperwork. They are the link between sporting and academic achievement to our merit systems, and connect students with our school rules.

We believe that CHEER qualities will enable our students to become successful and productive members of society.

The CHEER qualities are:

·         Connections

·         Honesty

·         Empathy

·         Excellence

·         Respect