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Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented Program

Bonnyrigg High School is a partially selective school, boasting two Gifted and Talented (GAT) classes from grades 7 to 10. In the senior years of schooling, our selective students must follow a Board of Studies-mandated pattern of study that blends mainstream community students with the selective streams. Every Bonnyrigg High School teacher that teaches the selective classes completes GERRIC, a University of New South Wales intensive program for the teaching of gifted students.

All Key Learning Areas (KLAs) have incorporated specific strategies and initiatives for acceleration and advancement into their curriculums. This provides selective students with ample extension opportunities to ensure they are continually being challenged and engaged by their subjects.

In addition to these faculty-based programs, the Gifted and Talented committee of Bonnyrigg High School endeavours to provide selective students with additional opportunities for extension, enrichment and growth.

The core objective of the GAT committee is to provide BHS selective students with increased opportunities for creative outlets, academic rigour, critical thinking and teambuilding. Equipping our selective students with these invaluable skills will enable them to become global-minded, responsible and aware 21stcentury citizens.

Stages four, five and six respectively have age-specific, uniquely designed strategies to promote the acquisition of these essential skills:

  • Stage Four (Years 7 and 8)

Students develop extensive skills in research, information gathering, collaboration and the rigours of undertaking an academic project. Year 7 students work independently in selecting a notable personality, engaging in deep research and linking the work of this individual to the globalised world. They will present their findings in a video presentation, creating a documentary of their notable personality's life and achievements.

Year 8 students engage in a collaborative Cross Curricular Action Research Project, working with a peer. Given a hypothesis, students will need to use a variety of research sources to resolve their problem. Their findings will also be presented in a video, which the students will be constructing and filming by themselves.


  • Stage Five (Years 9 and 10)

Students will participate in an incredible academic marathon known as the Amazing Race. Working as a team to solve problems, students race around the school to complete the marathon, stopping at various stations to complete academic, physical, critical thinking and creative tasks and problems. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams who demonstrate mastery over their academic areas.

Students are also provided with the option to participate in science and maths acceleration classes during Year 10.

  • Stage Six (Years 11 and 12)

The Mentoring Program is designed for senior selective students to be guided in their emerging autonomous learning and responsibility. Working with a teacher-mentor, students and parents will design a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that looks at strengths, weaknesses and goal setting in the final years of secondary school.

Workshops for applying for university and private scholarships will also be delivered, in order to give senior selective students the necessary groundwork for tertiary opportunities and success.


Further to this, Bonnyrigg High School is committed to giving selective and other talented students additional external opportunities. These include a participating in Young Writers Festivals with famous authors, building our understanding of the film genre and industry by heading off to Tropfest, the short film festival and encouraging participation in many of the other extra-curricular activities including the St John Cadets, debating teams, yoga and the Student Representative Council, just to name a few.

Gifted and Talented Coordinator - Ms Dikhil