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Welcome to Confucius Classrooms. We are pleased to announce the name of our new sister school The High School Affiliated to China University of Mining and Technology in Jiangsu Province in China.

August 2019

Please read for more information.

September 2017

Chinese Immersion Day was a wonderful opportunity for all students from year 7  to participate in a day of learning about Chinese culture. Funded by  Confucius Institute, presenters from Sinofield and  Lion Dance Me Australia kept the students captivated for the whole day. 

June 2017

Students from both of the year 9 Chinese classes (9X and 9Y) had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a day excursion to Sinofield in the Blue Mountains. Thank you to Ms Lin, Ms Li and Ms Hao for taking students out, enabling them to enjoy this wonderful experience and for taking beautiful pictures to share with us.

A separate excursion for four Year 8 classes (8E, 8H, 8M and 8P) went to Sinofield in the Blue Mountains for Chinese cultural immersion. The activities on the day included making dumplings, calligraphy, dragon dancing and traditional tea ceremony. There was also a wonderful smoke ceremony.

The day started with the students meeting the staff that would help them throughout the day. They then split into class groups. There was a morning tea of traditional Chinese tea and Chinese snacks. Calligraphy was first practiced with water that had an ink-like appearance when used on special paper. Students then used real ink and paper to take home when they felt confident. Students made their own dumplings and got to eat their own creations for lunch. Lunchtime also involved a serving of dumplings (not made by students!) and fried rice. Dragon dancing was a fierce competition between groups, and the best dragon dancers won a prize to take home to commemorate the event.

A big thank you to Year 8 for their wonderful behaviour and all the staff of Sinofield for this great day.

June 2017

We would like to welcome Ms Hao to our school. She will be working as a Language Teaching assistant until December 2017. We look forward to all the wonderful things Ms Hao will be teaching us about her language and culture during her stay.

April 2017

We are very excited to be able to provide further information about the China Trip 2018. If you are interested please fill in the note and return it to Ms Allford. The first payment of $200 needs to be paid at the Front Office by 7 June. This can be done by seeing the lovely ladies at the Front Office or you can call them and make a credit card payment over the phone. If you wish to pay online please make sure the payment is clearly marked "China Trip" and the note will still have to be returned to the Office.

April 2017

We are pleased to announce that as part of the Confucius Classroom program a China Tour is being booked. A general cost and itinerary have been established to help students and their families decide whether or not they would like to participate in this wonderful opportunity.  For further information please contact Ms Allford. If you would like to participate in the trip but are having difficulties with the deposit please see Ms Allford to make arrangements.

December 2016

The official Opening Day of Confucius Classroom was held on the school grounds.  An Opening Ceremony Booklet was created by staff. to help celebrate the day.
An amazing day was had by all. This could not have been achieved without a great number of staff putting in a lot of effort. While many staff have been thanked personally we would like to officially recognise the contributions of staff and performer in our Official note of Thanks.


We were honoured to receive praise from some of our guests:

From Elizabeth Wang,  R/Confucius Officer, Secondary Education, Learning and Teaching Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Communities:

"Congratulations! On such a wonderful and successful Confucius Classroom Opening Ceremony.

On behalf of Confucius Institute at NSW Department of Education, I would like to thank you very much to all of you who give generously of their time and expertise in organising this event.

Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

We are so pleased to hear that the number of Chinese language learners has increased significantly, and we hope that the Confucius Classroom will provide practical resources and learning opportunities for teachers and students.We look forward to hearing more great news form the Confucius Classroom.


From Professor Ning(Linda) Zhang, Deputy Director, Confucius Institute at NSW Department of Education, Secondary Education, Learning and Teaching Directorate, NSW Department of Education:

"Please let me once again congratulate your school on organising such a successful Confucius Classroom Opening Ceremony yesterday. So glad to see it went so well.

Please let me once again express my BIG thanks on behalf of our university to all of you for your invitation and great hospitality. A beautiful day that stays in our mind forever.

And thank you for everything you did to support in organising the day and strong support in our Chinese teaching and Chinese culture.  Fantastic!!!"

November 2016

Our School Principal, Mr Bryce, wore traditional Chinese clothes while working in the school. Thank you Ms Li for taking photos of him wearing "hanfu". More photos from Confucius Classroom can be found in the Gallery.

Mr Bryce in traditional hanfu


September 2016

We were lucky to get a visit from some of our local monks. Thank you Ms Ellis for showing them around our beautiful school. This picture includes our fabulous Languages teachers, Ms Ellis and Ms Lin as well as our Language Teaching Assistant from China, Ms Li.

Monks with Languages teachers


September 2016
We had some fabulous students represent us at the 27th National Chinese Eisteddfod 2016. We are very proud of their fantastic efforts. Thank you to the Chinese Language Educational Council (CLEC) of New South Wales for holding this wonderful event.
group of students from eisteddfod second group of students from eisteddfod
August 2016
We have lots of lovely new photos in the Gallery. Pop on over and see what the students have been up to. There are photos from the China Town excursion, as well as photos of the Chinese Drumming and Kung Fu lessons.
July 2016
With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to Miss Lyu. We wish you all the very best and are sure you will enjoy being home with your family.
June 2016
Miss Lyu taught a beautiful Chinese painting lesson at St John's Park Public School. Thank you to all the lovely students that participated and created such beautiful artworks.

students showing their artworksstudents displaying their artwork



May 2016

Welcome to our fantastic Teaching Assistants from China. Miss Tina and Miss Sukie will be spending time at our school encouraging students to learn more about the language and culture of China. We would like to thank them for all their enthusiasm that they have shared with us. 

Sukie and Tina

February 2016


happy new year in chinese symbolsK          


As part of our New Year Celebrations, Ms Ellis will be providing celebration activities on Wednesday 10 February during Periods 3 & 4. Videos of the event entertainment can be found in the pictures tab on the left. Photos from the event can be found in the Gallery


June 2015

Bonnyrigg High School officially applied to Confucius Institute Headquarters to be part of the Confucius Classrooms program. Please enjoy our Opening Newsletter.


The Model Confucius Classroom document (PDF 601KB) has been developed for NSW public schools with, or looking to establish, a Confucius Classroom. The document includes:

  • a description of the eight fundamental operating elements of a Confucius Classroom, linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • role statements for key personnel, including the teacher, principal, native speaker assistant and Confucius Institute at NSW Department of Education team
  • information about establishing a Confucius Classroom and available support
  • contacts and resources.

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